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Naomi has completed a postgraduate certificate in conscious sedation and pain management from the Eastman Dental Institute, London. She offers intravenous sedation to patients who would prefer this option. Everyone is not appropriate for sedation in a dental practice and you will be assessed for suitability before treatment.

Naomi offers conscious intravenous (IV) sedation which means that you remain conscious during the procedure but are a bit drowsy. IV sedation gives the patient a sense of deep relaxation and a slight detachment from the treatment. Patients can still hear and respond to Naomi. After the sedation has worn off patients often forget the treatment and this is why some people think they have slept but it is amnesia rather than sleep.

What is involved in sedation?

A fine gauge needle is inserted into a vein either in your arm or in your hand and an anti-anxiety drug is delivered to the bloodstream through this vein. We use midazolam, a benzodiazepine, and give it in small enough quantities to achieve the right level of sedation for each patient. Midazolam is a very short-acting drug and leaves the body quicker than other benzodiazepines. The dose is weight related.

Will I be safe during the procedure?

Yes. We have a pulse oximetre which measures the levels of oxygen in the blood and this is monitored throughout the treatment. We have a blood pressure monitor and the blood pressure is monitored. We only treat patients in the ASA I and II categories. These are patients who are either fully healthy or with mild well controlled systemic disease. This minimizes the risk during treatment. We are also trained to deal with a medical emergency should it arise. The doses of sedation used are very small and this all contributes to a very safe procedure.

Do I still need to be numbed?

Sedation is not an anaesthetic and numbing is still required but is done after you have been sedated.

Are there any special instructions?

We only do sedation when we have done a full pre-sedation assessment and have decided you are suitable for sedation. We ask patients to have an escort to bring you to the appointment and to stay with you after the sedation until the effects have worn off.



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