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To increase the chance of successful root canal treatment, we use a variety of
advanced equipment:


This magnifies the tooth and allows us to see cracks and to locate hidden canals.

Digital Radiographs

These offer higher quality images that facilitate diagnosis and deliver lower doses of radiation to the patient.

Rotary Instruments

These special root canal instruments speed up your treatment.


These are used to enhance location of canals, cleaning of canals and occasionally are used for instrument and post removal.

Fibre Optics

These enhance the visibility of the tooth.

Apex Locator

This measures the root canal length and can help in diagnosing problems within the canal. It also reduces the need for radiographs.

Crack Locator

We use a fibre optic crack locator that assists in highlighting the presence and / or location of cracks.

Electric Pulp Tester

This machine tells us if the tooth pulp is alive or dead.


Post Removal Kit

This enables us to remove posts.

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