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Cracked teeth
non-dental pain
Dental Trauma or Injury
Non-Dental Pain
Non-dental pain is pain presenting as a toothache but not caused by a tooth.

As part of the initial consultation Naomi will also look for evidence of non-dental pain. For example this can be caused by muscle over-activity, clenching, grinding, from chewing gum or jaw joint problems. If there is no evidence of dental disease, you may be referred to a dental pain specialist in close consultation with your own dentist.

In the early stages of infection, sometimes there will be no evidence of disease. If there is uncertainty over the diagnosis sometimes Naomi will wait and review the symptoms rather than risk misdiagnosing. In other cases patients would be referred for a non-dental assessment as part of the diagnosis. Failure to correctly diagnose non-dental pain can lead to incorrect and unnecessary treatments and persistent pain. Dental treatment can exacerbate non-dental symptoms and it is very important to diagnose the source of the pain before simply treating the site of the pain.






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